Preparing for the Future While Honoring the Past

Gulf Copper recently began upgrades to the #5 Dry-dock in Port Arthur. The Dry-dock known in its past life as the AFDL 23, has a rich history beginning in the mid-1940s as an Auxiliary Floating Drydock for the United States Navy. During World War 2, the Dry-dock serviced many naval combatant ships till the end of the war. The Dry-dock was again called into service during the Vietnam War and made its way throughout the South Pacific where it finally came to be in its present location of Port Arthur Texas.

Dock 5 (AFDL-23) Newly Built in 1944
Dock 5 (AFDL-23) Undergoing Upgrades on Dock 4

One Gulf Copper employee said it best, “It is truly amazing to think back at how much history this dock as experienced and we continue to add to that history here at Gulf Copper.”

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OTC 2019

Gulf Copper will again be present at OTC. Please come by for a visit to see what Gulf Copper can offer you!

OTC 2019

Congressman Randy Weber Visits Gulf Copper for MARAD Small Shipyard Grant

Congressman Randy Weber Visits Gulf Copper for MARAD Small Shipyard Grant

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 3:00 p.m., Texas’ 14th Congressional District Congressman Randy Weber visited Gulf Copper Manufacturing Galveston Shipyard, 2920 Todd Rd., Galveston, TX 77554. Gulf Copper was recently awarded the MARAD Small Shipyard Grant.

The MARAD Small Shipyard Grant will help Gulf Copper cultivate efficiency, quality ship construction, and repairs at our Galveston Facilities:

  • Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair was awarded a Small Shipyard Grant for the amount of $1,296,820.00. Gulf Copper will match the grant amount for the purpose of constructing a new Dry Dock with the capabilities of safely docking 4500-ton vessels efficiently.


  • This 4500-ton Dry Dock project will not replace any existing equipment. However, it will make major capital improvements to expand the use of two, U.S. built, 79 ft. x 116 ft. x 12 ft. Dry Dock pontoon sections that have been refurbished and are currently used for marine repair work.  It is the intent to join these two sections with a 10-foot transition piece to create a dry dock with dimensions of 216 ft. x 116 ft. x 12 ft. and a lift capacity of 4500 tons.  This will require building two new wing walls 27 ft. high and 8 ft. wide allowing a width between wing walls of 100 ft. The total cost of the project combined will be approximately $2,953,640.00 respectively.


  • By producing a Dry Dock of this size, Gulf Copper will create ample business opportunities in the shallow water market such as, Ferry Boats, Harbor Tugs and Inland barges. Along with additional work awarded comes more employment opportunities for our community.

Congressman Randy Weber said, “The work Gulf Copper contributes to the oil and gas, maritime transportation, refining, and petrochemical industries is critically important to the upper Texas Gulf Coast and our nation. With a view toward safety and efficiency, Gulf Copper is a terrific recipient for the MARAD Small Shipyard grant. Our local community and off-shore community benefit greatly from the services provided by Gulf Copper.”

“We pride ourselves in creating growth opportunities and working with the Galveston community to provide a brighter and sustaining future,” said Craig Marston, General Manager, Gulf Copper Galveston Shipyard.



For additional information or inquiries, please contact Craig Marston,

Gulf Copper Will Be Attending OTC 2018 Monday April 30- May 3, 2018

Gulf Copper will be attending OTC this year. Our company is honored to have been a part of this conference for many years. As Gulf Copper is now celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2018, we are just as excited to see OTC celebrating 50 years! We look forward to celebrating many more productive years and visiting with all of our valued customers throughout the show.

Gulf Copper Celebrates 75 Years 2018

Gulf Copper was founded in 1948 and developed into a successful pipe fabrication company with a reputation for premium quality work installing copper piping on marine vessels. In 1979, the company was acquired by the Gulf Copper Group, and expanded services into full topside ship repair with the addition of a machining division. Over the years, Gulf Copper has continued to diversify, now servicing the commercial marine, offshore, shipping, oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, construction and transportation industries. As we continue to grow and evolve we appreciate the loyalty and support of our customers, without you, this would not have been possible. 75 years and counting!

Seadrill Westvela Installation

GC Energy Services group (GCES) was contracted by Seadrill to perform the installation of the West Vela second BOP HPU

The Project was performed in two phases

Phase I involved cutting two access openings in HPU room to rig in the High Pressure Unit and the Accumulator bottles

These access openings were then reinstalled by the GCES Team

Phase II consisted of installing stainless steel piping rated for 6000 psi using a tig welding method and stainless steel tubing. GCES also performed the internal passivation of the stainless piping for further corrosive protection of the system

All work was performed safely and with good planning, resulting in on budget installation

Transocean Polar Pioneer

The scope included the removal of six (6) existing Panama chocks on the pontoons and installation of six (6) new Panama chocks which were fabricated by Gulf Copper and Manufacturing in their Port Arthur, Texas facility

Gulf Copper also performed the removal of 84 sea fasteners which had been welded to the underneath bottom plating of the pontoons for the heavy lift transit from SE Asia to Washington State

The work was performed in the ports of Port Angeles and Seattle, Washington. A smaller team remained onboard to perform various tasks in preparation for the upcoming drilling season in the Chukchi Sea

The Transocean Project Manager commented: “The team performed exceptionally well, the management responded promptly to our changing requirements. This was one of the best crews I have ever worked with.  From the design, fabrication, mobilization and demobilization, executions were above expectations.  Gulf Copper will be my contractor of choice in the future.”

The GC Energy Services team worked closely together with Transocean and Shell on a high focus job with the embedded safety culture and professionalism that has become expected in the industry