Dry Docking

Dry docking solutions on the ready

Gulf Copper has a variety of dry docking capabilities along the Texas gulf coast. Take a look at our dry docking specifications below and let us know how we can help you.

Central Yard
Drydock 1

4,000 Long Ton Lifting

Capability Length: 200 ft.

Breadth: 96 ft.

Wingwall Height: 20 ft.

Distance between Wings: 84 ft.

Maximum Vessel Draft 14 ft.

South Yard – Drydock 5 AFDL 25

1,500 Long Ton Lifting Capability

Length: 275 ft.

Breadth: 72 ft.

Wingwall Height: 20 ft

Distance between Wings: 46 ft.

Maximum Vessel Draft 17.5 ft.

South Yard – Drydock 4 (Mr.Morris) AFDM 2

9,500 Long Ton Lifting Capability

Length: 384 ft.

Breadth: 116 ft.

Wingwall Height: 37 ft

Distance between Wings: 90 ft.

Maximum Vessel Draft 19 ft.

Our Galveston facility offers a multitude of diverse services to its customers, such as dry dock and rig repair services as well as support for conversion, surveying, repair, retrofitting, maintenance and general services to a wide variety of vessels, including jack-ups, semi-submersibles, barges, and MSVs. Capabilities of our Galveston facility include modifications, reclassification, topside repairs, installation, staging, sea fastening and modular fabrication.