Dry Docking

Dry docking solutions on the ready

Gulf Copper has a variety of dry docking capabilities along the Texas gulf coast. Take a look at our dry docking specifications below and let us know how we can help you.

Central Yard – Drydock 5 AFDL 25

1,500 Long Ton Lifting Capability

Length: 275 ft.

Breadth: 72 ft.

Wingwall Height: 20 ft

Distance between Wings: 46 ft.

Maximum Vessel Draft 17.5 ft.

Central Yard – Drydock 4 (Mr.Morris) AFDM 2

9,500 Long Ton Lifting Capability

Length: 384 ft.

Breadth: 116 ft.

Wingwall Height: 37 ft

Distance between Wings: 90 ft.

Maximum Vessel Draft 19 ft.

Our Galveston facility offers a multitude of diverse services to its customers, such as dry dock and rig repair services as well as support for conversion, surveying, repair, retrofitting, maintenance and general services to a wide variety of vessels, including jack-ups, semi-submersibles, barges, and MSVs. Capabilities of our Galveston facility include modifications, reclassification, topside repairs, installation, staging, sea fastening and modular fabrication.

Mr Jon
GC 5000

5,000 Long Ton Lifting

Capability Length: 216 ft.

Breadth: 116 ft.

Wingwall Height: 27 ft.

Distance between Wings: 100 ft.

Gulf Copper’s Harbor Island (“GCHI”) facility is a private, deep-water marine terminal located at the entrance of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel, near the intersection of the Intracoastal Waterway. The site is conveniently located on Highway 361 adjacent to the Aransas ferry, and perfect for importing, handling, and storing wind components and other project cargo in addition to Marine repair and drydocking

Drydock 1

4,000 Long Ton Lifting

Capability Length: 200 ft.

Breadth: 96 ft.

Wingwall Height: 20 ft.

Distance between Wings: 84 ft.

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