Preparing for the Future While Honoring the Past

Gulf Copper recently began upgrades to the #5 Dry-dock in Port Arthur. The Dry-dock known in its past life as the AFDL 23, has a rich history beginning in the mid-1940s as an Auxiliary Floating Drydock for the United States Navy. During World War 2, the Dry-dock serviced many naval combatant ships till the end of the war. The Dry-dock was again called into service during the Vietnam War and made its way throughout the South Pacific where it finally came to be in its present location of Port Arthur Texas.

Dock 5 (AFDL-23) Newly Built in 1944
Dock 5 (AFDL-23) Undergoing Upgrades on Dock 4

One Gulf Copper employee said it best, “It is truly amazing to think back at how much history this dock as experienced and we continue to add to that history here at Gulf Copper.”

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