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Our Commitment to Our Passion, Our Commitment to Our Business

The management of Gulf Copper is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, customers, and contractors. In fact, this is a core tenet of Gulf Copper’s mission statement. Dedicated QHSE Representatives are employed at each Gulf Copper site with reporting lines directly to the company president.

Gulf Copper operations are conducted in accordance with the safety management system, which is fully compliant with regulatory requirements and best industry practices. Components include employee participation in the QHSE program, behavior based safety program, work permitting, industrial hygiene monitoring, reporting of KPIs, and internal and external auditing. Employees are authorized and encouraged to stop work for any perceived unsafe operation without repercussion.

Gulf Copper operations are also compliant with applicable environmental rules, regulations, and permits. Gulf Copper operations are permitted by regulatory bodies with authority. Permits include waste water, storm water, air, and waste generator status.

Vessel owner/operator risk is not limited to its own vessel or crew. We understand that managing health, safety, and environmental risk of contractors is a legal obligation of our customers. We operate in a manner that protects ourselves, our surroundings, and you, our customer.

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